alkalize your body

10 Easy Ways To Alkalize Your Body

alkalize your body

Why is it important to have healthy alkaline meals?

Because the alkaline diet for weight loss is very good as for a healthy lifestyle. So, alkalize your body!

Usually fruit acidity levels can be high and that’s why we can compensate with other alkaline. Some foods or fruits high in acid cause imbalances and can cause many diseases.

Alkalinity is the body’s greatest detoxifying agent, so foods that produce alkalinity will detoxify the body. The more food a higher alkalinity will make, the detoxification will be deeper.

alkalize your body


1. Start your day with a large glass of water with the juice of a whole lemon, freshly squeezed. Although lemon may seem acidic, it has the opposite effect on the body as it metabolizes it. At this glass you can add a drop of salt! Natural salt (not the iodine) contains alkaline micro-minerals. One of the best is sea salt.

2. Eat a large green lettuce, chopped through lemon juice and olive oil. Herbs are among the best sources of alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.

3. Snack with raw, unsalted almonds. Almonds are filled with natural alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which help to balance acidity with blood sugar balancing at the same time. Find quality almonds!

4. Drink a smoothie with almond milk and berries with extra green power such as spirulin, chlorophyll or other herbs. Choose almond milk instead of cow, because the cow is an acid former.

5. Another way to alkalize your body are exercises and walking. Take a walk in the alert or other physical exercise. Exercise helps to drain acidic waste so your body can remove it as easily.

6. Breathe deeply. Ideally, choose a place that has fresh air, rich in oxygen. And I’m sorry Febreze, Glade, and so-called “air-refreshing”: the air full of these odors is not the one I’m talking about here.

7. Give up meat at least for one day … or more if you want. During meat metabolism, there are acidic residues that are left behind.

8. Jump over dessert full of sugar or sweet carbonated drink. Sugar is one of the most acidifying foods we eat. You need over 30 glasses of water just to neutralize the acidity of a can Coke.

9. Add more vegetables to your diet to alkalize your body. No, potatoes do not. But sweet potatoes are a good choice (unless you do not get them through sweeteners or butter). Asparagus, courgettes, peppers and other vegetables are also excellent choices.

10. Germinate. Add more germs to your diet. They are extremely alkalinized and overcharged with nutrients and enzymes that increase energy.

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