Children's creativity through drawing

Children’s creativity through drawing

Children’s creativity through drawing with some original methods

Children’s creativity through drawing starts from the childhood, so there is no kid to draw, or not to fantasize. From this perspective, the psychological profile of preschool age comprises many premises conducive to the creative potential. Such dynamism, impetuosity, are expressiveness own this age. Children have that thrill permanent or inner effervescence that vibration and give them specific notes of creative vitality. They externalize availability spontaneous self-expression and lively, like any creative impetus.

children's creativity through drawing

The game at the preschool and drawing a framework for training the virtues of work and creation. They enhance the possibilities of behavioral expression, increase creative spiritual vitality and dynamism of the child. And the need for active exploration of new relative personal experience that you generate momentum for us spiritual realizations, with the expansiveness unique to this age.

Below we present several methods to develop creativity through drawing in preschool children

Creativity tests using geometric figures

Here we have some small test of creativity start drawing with some shapes

Creativity through drawing some forms starting from a circle and a square

children's creativity through drawing

Flexibility creative thinking by filling geometric figures

children's creativity through drawing

Flexibility creative thinking by creating a design using geometric figures

children's creativity through drawing

Children’s creativity through drawing with chalk

Drawing with chalk is one of the easiest and original drawing shapes. This method is very popular and loved by children. They can realize different pictures on many surfaces. This surfaces could be asphalt, drawing board and wall.

children's creativity through drawing

Children’s creativity through drawing with candle

To achieve these artistic activities for children need candles. With candles, the little artist can draw on the sheet what he wants. Draw with the candle on white paper proposed topic and will remain after they colored paper. Te surface of paper could be decorated with a color or combined with others.

The design will stand out for trouble remaining unstained. The contour drawing of the candle, the color does not catch and white, or colored drawing appears more open amid dark colored. Could be recommended in the pattern that we achieved predominate white lines and spots.
This technique of drawing with the candle is ideal for winter or autumn landscapes. The child can play well leafless branches of the trees.

children's creativity through drawing

Creativity in children by bleaching technique with ink eraser pen

A task extremely simple, with a large impact on children who may be “magic” by sheets “painted” with ink and an ink eraser pen.Start with a white paper and cover completely with ink and allowed to dry. After you covered the entire surface of the paper with ink, begin to shape your desired design. With ink eraser pen and paper with blue ink your drawings almost white start to appear like magic. A simple blue sheet can keep them busy, they curiosity and interest, stimulates and keep them focused and give free rein to their imagination.

children's creativity through drawing

Children drawing using stencils

With templates plastic, cardboard or metal can draw various shapes. This model can place together to obtain some images. Currently, on the market can find different types of design templates. Some of these can make it off each parent or teachers. It’s right that they have simple forms to mixed with others getting new and original images.

children's creativity through drawing

Sometimes little things, simple is fascinating for them and bring them great joy. It is necessary to bring a little magic in your child’s life, showing him how to outline drawings or letters and numbers.

You can see more about drawing on Wikipedia


  1. This is a great selection of easily accessible art techniques for kids. I’d never come across drawing with candles before. What a great idea, with interesting results.
    Gwynn Torres
    The Creativity Institute

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