Creative activities for kids and creative activity ideas

Creative activities for kids and creative activity ideas

Creative activities for kids and creative activity ideas. Creative thinking training for children.

Creative activities for kids and creative activity ideas

Here are some methods of creative thinking exercises for children.

Next, we look to boost creativity through several methods. These creative activities for kids are diversity through similarity, transposition, creative inventively, and creative imagination.

Diversity through similarity

“What is round?”

Unfolding: In a time announced at the beginning ask children to write the names of as many round shapes. You can specify that these shapes to be any, one condition is that their shape is approximately round. After time runs out, read answers, then a second task is to group the categories of examples and counting categories. Creativity thinking is even greater as, by a group to obtain a large number of categories.

Creative activities for kids by transposing

“I am another being.”

Unfolding: Game will begin after we talked before about an animal, insect, plant. Thus it is that fascinates any child (What animal impresses you most?). It requires children to think there are a spell, that animal and to think about:

  • What would be the greatest concern of him?
  • What would enjoy most?
  • Who / what would fear most?
  • What do you feel about people?

Creative kids activities by inventive creativity

“How do we get the critical circumstances?”

Unfolding: It gives children the following: “A man fell into a deep pit of three meters, freshly carved with steep walls, and he can not climb. The man has at him food only for a day or two, a knife, a spoon and a cup. He knows that there certainly will not come anybody for a month, but over two days he come out of the pit.”

Question: How came out the man from the hole?

(Answer: digging with a knife in a wall of the pit. He put the ground near the far wall and ramming it. If the pit was freshly carved, then it was impossible to build. But he makes two thresholds by half a meter to reach the edge of the hole and save).

Creative activities for kids by creative imagination

“Tangram – the game of the seven figures.”Creative activities for kids and creative activity ideas

Already great square exercise named Tangram is highly appreciated by more and more children. Thus by rearranging of the seven figures to get a lot of stylized images of objects and beings. Images could be a girl, boy, coconut chicken, dog, cat, house, car in different positions. This exercise of innovative thinking is valuable in boost children’s desire to get something else.

These ideas could be creative activities for kindergarten or kids from school. The above activities can meet the individual development of creativity. All these games can stimulate creative thinking, originality, exploring new pleasure. They also have the courage to express their vision of how I see the world with relationships on the other.

One of the sources of creative activities for kids is Wikipedia

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