How to Prepare

How to Prepare Steaks. Rules, Tricks and Secrets

How to prepare beef, bird, pork, sheep, and fish. Rules, tricks, spices and other secrets.

How to Prepare

But how to cook steak? Roasting of the meat is considered a simple job. It does not seem like this, though, if we want to get a delicious meal.

Basic rules and tricks of a successful barbecue

How to grill a steak? Before use, the grill heated to a strong fire. After which you were anointed with a piece of bacon. If we do not have bacon, we can use vegetable oil.

The steak becomes tastier if, before being prepared, take a few minutes in boiling water, then dry with a napkin.

Another small secret: We can store the meat for the barbecue for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. This meat is not too much affected, or not at all if we put it on a wooden grill. At the bottom of this rack, we will place a plate. Thus, the meat will be well ventilated, and the blood, lymph, and water will flow into the dish. The piece of meat will thus become just good steak.

If we cooking steak, a hammer is a tool that must be used usually, especially when it comes to beef and veal.

The meat of a slaughtered animal is not good for immediate consumption. Its taste is uncertain, even dubious. For this, we will have to let it rest for a while. In the summertime about 24 hours. And in the winter even two or three days.

Meat has a particular smell wash it with a solution easy to prepare. In this solution, we will put a portion of water and a vinegar part in one pot, half each. The smell will disappear even more important than that the steak will not have any odor.

Steak of any kind needs to serve on a heated dish. The sauce in which prepare the roast must accompany it to the table. This sauce we must eat together with the warm, hot, even hot roast.

The best way to season steak

How to Prepare

We can put salt after taste, usually after we cook them. As we known, salt takes from the freshness of flesh. Also, at the end of the meat roasting operation, the other spices we will put, many of which we prepare them in the form of mixes.

A tender and strong aroma of beef and pork we can obtain when it is well sprinkled with butter and thyme powder before to fire them.

Another food that can we use by roasters with exotic tastes is cinnamon.

Be aware of how you use paprika. This condiment we can put on the steak only after it is ready to fry. Putting the meat before roasting or during roasting, pepper can change the taste of the roast, making it even unpleasant.

Grated coconut will give the roast sauces and steaks a very original taste.

The meat roasting process

Barbecue steaks – beefsteak, sirloin, meatloaf – we need to make them with high fire. Skillful chefs recommend that the pieces of meat turn once.

We recommended not to fry on the grill, meat from which water or blood flow.

The skilled chefs recommend that you pour some hot water over the steak during the preparation even several times. So the roast will not be dry at all, it will contain a delicious smell. Also for this purpose, from time to time using a wooden spoon. With this spoon we will pour over the steak from the juice, it leaves during the preparation.

To check if the steak is ready, sneak as deep as possible with a thin knife. If juice comes out with traces of blood or water, it’s a sign that the steak has to stay on fire.

Scrupulous and gourmets think that we do not have to roast the roast very often, not at all. They believe the steak loses its juice, and more than that, the steak gets loud.

The meat can we roast it and sour in lard or oil. When the piece of meat is rumen on both sides, add a little beef soup and cover the pan again. From time to time the steak turns and adds a little soup. In the end, it will not only brown but also tender.

In the case of steaked meat, we will never pour soup or cold water, but soup or warm water. Thus, the roast will be tender and tasty.

How to prepare steaks to be smoother?

How to Prepare

Butter will always squeeze the steak. For this reason, some chefs recommend that beef, lamb, steak beef steaks should not fry in oil or lard, but in butter.

Also, for tender the roasting, we recommend that after we have left the fire in the oven, leave the roast for another 10 minutes. The roast we left to rest at the high temperature that formed during the preparation.

How to prepare large steaks?

A large steak, that is, an entire bird, a ram pulp, a dairy pig, will stay on fire for a long time. But for steak cooking, the strong fire will be at the beginning and the end. Otherwise, the fire will be suitable to penetrate the meat.

The time for making a large stake of about 2-3 kg piece is 3 hours on average.

How to prepare beef steaks

How to cook beef steak? Steaks of beef and ram supposed to put them to a very hot fire. This fire just makes a start, because slowly, we reduce the heat, the meat will roast without rush. If we want to have a smoother steak, the meat we will grease from time to time with fat or butter.

Beware, if we want to prepare a roast a medium steak, the cow’s meat we will less grill or fry. To get a good steak or ram steak, you still have a bit of experience, the start results being good luck.

Among the best steaks is the veal. A condition, however, is that the calf is 4-6 weeks old, that is, that calf is milk.
The veal we will keep on fire slightly less than the cow’s meat. That, it is, understated, younger. Of the veal, it is not too common to make steaks in the blood. And the veal needs a bit of grace. Therefore, we will pour with butter during the cooking process as often as possible.

How to prepare poultry steaks

How to Prepare

When they are whole, the poultry (except for the goose and the duck) as well as the crunching, are wrapped in aluminum foil. They allow themselves to long for themselves, the fire rather appropriate. At the final, we will remove the foil. Then the bird we will fry until it browns.

Similar to these birds, the lamb and the lamb are similar.

The whole steak of the bird will be much better if we put in the bird, before putting it into the oven, a mixture of apple (one piece or two halves we can add), some savory (richer) a few mint leaves, 2-3 leaves of bay, one butter cube.

How to prepare fish steaks?

Having finer meat, fish fried on the grill can pose some problems. If we want to don’t stick to the grill and browning properly, we must pre-lubricate with oil or warm butter.

Advice for a healthy life

We have advice for the balance and health of steak lovers. Before eating a steak, eat about a quarter of an hour before enjoying a steak, a salad of crudity, chopping green onions, fresh tomatoes, lettuce leaves, these vegetables contain many fibers that will regulate the activity gastrointestinal.


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