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Tips & tricks in the kitchen. Kitchen Tips what we forgot. Maybe you know them or not, many of them are coming from Old School and secret recipes.

Kitchen tipsHere we have some kitchen tips or kitchen ideas what we forgot, or we don’t know. Before the rise of science and modern life, people did what they had in the kitchen. But they remain full of ingenuity and urge them.

Dried cakes? That’s the cause

Why did our cake dry and dry? There are several causes, but the most important one that I put too much flour in it.

Do you want a cheesy taste?

The cheese will get a great taste if we put it in a slightly warmed sweet milk. Then we’ll leave it for an hour or two in milk. If the cheese is a little dry, we will leave it for more than 2 hours. If it’s soft, we’ll leave it less, about a quarter of an hour. After removing it from milk, we will dry it.

Do you have a weak soup?

Maybe our soup came out weak and looked very much like tea. In this case, we can invest in it and give it a beautiful image if we put a carrot in it. We need to put in a small, high quality and well mixed with the oil in which we fried.

How to disappear smell of garlic?

We often do not keep garlic because of the particular smell and hard to escape from it. Besides, it may cause burns or gastric acidity.
But at the same time is excellent for a healthy life.

Thus, the garlic pups we have hydrated in cold water for 2 hours. They will be easier to prepare and even easier to digest and absorb. You will notice that garlic smell, often unpleasant, will decrease or even disappear.

Smoked or burned food? How to fix it

So, how to get rid of the smell of smoked food? One of the old tricks recommends us.

Put the saucepan on a stone or a piece of concrete, cover with a proper cover. For 10 minutes, pour cold water continuously over the lid. After this operation has finished, move the food to another pot. The smell of smoked or burned foods will disappear.

How do I check the fake butter?

We can quickly check if the butter it was mixed with margarine. Take a piece of butter and put it on a metallic surface reddened in the fire. If the butter it was mixed with margarine, the smell emanating will be like steak of fried sheep.

How do I check the fake milk?

How to check if milk it was mixed with water? Take a long needle and insert it into the milk.

If the milk drops completely out of the needle, then for sure it was mixed with water. If at the end of the needle remains a drop of the milk, it is natural.

Kitchen tips

How to boil the food?

One of the others tips for kitchen is how to boil the food. So, boiling food we need to make two ways: moderate cooking, and low boiling.

Moderate boiling we need to made uninterrupted, at the small flame and with the pot covered.

Also, low boiling we need to made in hot high and uncovered pots, to eliminate water that vaporizes.

How to cook vegetables?

Green vegetables need to boil in hot water. Also, we recommend that in the case of green vegetables, do not boil the whole quantity at once, but one at a time, after which, when boiling again, one more hand Of vegetables. Just that green vegetables will be tender. If we put the whole amount in hot water, this water will become suddenly fresh, and therefore the vegetables will harden.

Dried vegetables (beans, peas, grains, etc.) need to boil in cold water. Always dried vegetables should we pre-soaked in cold water for at least half a day.

Kitchen tips about wine

Real consumer wine is one that, besides its distinct taste and color, is not muddy and has no impurities. We can check the wine for impurities and slurry in a very simple way, turning the bottle down with the stopper.

Kitchen tips about the black pepper

Pepper black food very demanded. Black pepper ground is not always 100% natural. Maybe may contain various other impurities or it was “enriched” with chemicals.

Therefore, we recommend that the pepper always keeps freshly ground. So, it’s a good idea to have a handmade pepper mill on the table.


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