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Meal Prep Ideas

Find out the most important special rules in food preparation. We often want to make the food as tasty as possible. But for this, we wonder what the secret is to have a taste, a great flavor, and smell.

Tips and tricks about soups

Experienced chefs recommend that during the preparation, the soup is not salty but very little. Usually, we keep that soup to use for several days. So too much salt from the beginning and soak it will become even saltier.

The same specialties in soups, think to not wash the meat that we put in the soup, just only dry with a cloth and scraped with a knife. So, if we wash the meat, the most important nutrients are lost. It is also recommended to not piercing meat soup, also because of the loss of nutrients.

The meat of the soup should boil slowly only in the covered pot, and it is not advisable to interrupt boiling or add water. Usually, to get 2 measures of soup, boil 3.

Meal Prep Ideas

Meal prep ideas about parsley. In terms of chopped parsley, these should not be absent from the soup. If we do not have parsley, we recommend the chives, which is very tasty and suitable for any soup. It is important that the chives are not placed in the soup when it boils, but only after the soup has been boiled, it is quiet and will be consumed.

Meal prep ideas with sauces

We recommend sauce what we cook to be made for at least half an hour before being served. If it is older, it will begin to lose both color and taste.

However, the sauce we can preserve from one day to the next if it is chilled in a porcelain sauce. When we resume eating this “yesterday” sauce, we put the sauce dish in the hot water.

A sauce must not be too thick or too thin. The butter what we put in the sauce must keep it just melt, and not hot.

We will mix the sauce very well to don’t does not contain any holes.

How to prep and preserve vegetables and greens

We clean the greens carefully and wash them in cold water. When some cases, we put the verdures for about 5 minutes, in salty water, which is already boiling. Only so will the greens keep their color. It is not recommended to keep them after boiling because they lose their calories and minerals.

If the salad we made it with vegetables, they will boil sometimes. Salad will not be prepared until the vegetable has cooled down.

The green and raw vegetable salads we will only prepare shortly before we use, otherwise, they will lose their qualities.
Tin cans should be healthy, young, washed, and dried. It is obvious that vegetable we preserve better if keep them in glass jars.

Tomatoes will peel off very easily if, before starting this operation, we will immerse them for about 20 to 30 seconds in a pot of boiling water.

Meal prep tips with fish

Meal Prep Ideas

For cooking, the fish must be alive or at least fresh. The main clue about the condition of the fish is gills. They must look red when it is fresh.

After being cleaned, the fish will only wash once in the water because it loses its nutritional value. The water in which fish is prepared for soup or boiled fish must already have it boiled.

The oil or butter in which we fry fish must be hot, that is, we put the fish in the pan only when it has become hot.

Tips about poultry meat

If you want to fry a bird, we recommend the whole bird, because if it is cut to pieces, some of the juices are lost. Salting the poultry meat was done with one hour before frying.

Before being consumed, the birds of the hunt should leave it to become soft, for one or even two days, in a cold place, wrapped in a rag.

When a bird of the hunt is pickled, it is good that its composition fully covers it. If the birds are young, we will not keep them in the pickle, but we’ll use it directly for cooking.

Some good advice about lamb meat

If pork meat we need to put salt about 1 hour before cooking, the lamb should be salted about half an hour before it is fried.

The lamb will be very tasty if we roast it with butter and water. They should also be eaten with green salad, potato salad or bell pepper.

Meal prep ideas for cookies

The most precious indication for the preparation of cookies and cakes refers to mixing. Always mix only one way and with a constant speed.

Sugar must fine and flour must be sieved before, to avoid impurities and dirt. We must have the butter fresh, not too soft, rather a little harder.

Usually, we must beat the foam until it has been made with the bowl, that is, if we return the bowl in which it was beaten, remain on the vessel walls.

We can ground almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, should not crush them. They will only grind when the recipe specifies this.

According to older cookery, most of the cakes should not miss the lemon juice.

A cake is well ripened when it slides off the tray without leaving any traces. The tray in which a cheek or a cake is baked will usually be deboned with butter and baked with flour.

Egg cookies

Mixing the preparation for the cake with eggs is done strictly only in one sense. Even a single mistake will surely lead to the cutting of the mixture, which means its disintegration. Mixing we will do it continuously as long as the preparation is on fire. The fire must be strong. When it begins to boil, the preparation takes on the fire, stirring for a while.


Puddings will we can serve up to one hour before serving. We need to serve them during this time because only during this period they keep their taste intact and remain in the most appealing form.

Meal prep ideas for jams, compotes, syrups

Meal Prep Ideas

Both jam and jam jars must be very clean. Fruit for jam has to be, always copious and healthy. Fruit for compotes must also be, ripe and healthy, but something stronger.

We can cover sweet jam only after it has cooled. Beforehand, the jars you will snap and wipe clean with a clean cloth. Another meal prep ideas are also when we use a burned-out smoking technique.

In the case of compotes, you will boil with low heat and the pot covered. We will take care that the fruit remains even after boiling. When we serve, fruits and juices we need to mix in several types of compotes, typically two or three.

In the jar that puts the jam (or jam), you should not get any water, because the water may cause product alteration.

Keeping fruits in the winter

The nuts may remain fresh for a long time if we place in sand moistened with salt water. We can preserve also, grapes for winter. Carefully picking healthy grapes, each grape’s crotch we need to cover with wax, and then each grape will hang in a dry and airy place, for example in the attic.

Meal prep ideas for dried fruits. Cherries, plums, pears, apples we can dry them for the winter. For starters, we can boil with hot water. Then align nicely on a board or other right piece of wood. Put it on the hot stove, so after I’ve cooked something, we can close the fire.

Previously, these fruits will we cover with paper. We put the day in the sun, all covered, so in that way insects not attack them. When they are quite dry, we put them in plastic bags.

The pears and apples we can dry, cut off the peel and the backs. Apples and pears can also preserve in other ways – for example, letting them sit for about two weeks in a cool and cold place, next to each other, with the tail up but not touching.

After this period, we must remove the broken fruits and the good ones remain to the cellar. Also, put on a layer of dried and clean straw, with support not cement or linoleum, but some planks.


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