Preschool painting ideas for for parents and teachers

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

Preschool painting ideas to learn new modality and techniques of painting creative to the children

With this preschool painting ideas, the child expresses in his work drawing on personal experience. They have to find ways and forms of presentation own impressions about the world. These representations will reflect emotions and feelings experienced.

Artistic activities to boosting and expression of a child’s life. The motivation for painting is the pleasure to tell us stories in pictures. Artistic representations of the child are gradually evolving towards a more realistic rendering. Sometimes the creative imagination comes and goes towards fable, into the unreal.

Preschool painting ideas for for parents and teachers

By using different techniques work, children develop their creativity through painting. They can transmit through various ways their ideas, experiences, feelings. It is important to stimulate them in the desire to achieve something new. With this techniques, we can achieve by using diversity.

Children become familiar with new techniques work increases their curiosity. Painting activities by becoming an attractive and creative novelty. Knowing this technique of art by children leads to the development of various artistic forms of creativity.

Some creative preschool painting ideas

Painting with wire thread

For this preschool painting idea, we need the painting process sheet of paper, thread thicker liquid tempera, a saucer and a brush.

Doubt the boards of paper in half. We put in the dish, what tempera color want the kid and then insert the thread. By brush make sure that the thread is soaked thoroughly with color. We let one end that does not enter to the color, to don’t dirty our hands.

Preschool painting ideas for for parents and teachers

Lift up the wire thread end clean and put it on the boards of paper folded in half. Il arranges anyhow.

Closing the front side, put a book on it and pull the thread. When everything came out, we put it aside and then floss look at abstract painting achieved. This paint will be in the mirror.

Painting with watercolors

This style of painting is maybe one of the most popular. It is made it by putting a dissolved color in the water on a paper surface. Depends on their nature, the colors could be transparent or opaque.

For this operations, we need a piece of paper, brushes, watercolors and a water dish.

Preschool painting ideas for for parents and teachers

This activity is very fun for children. They are executing a game of color with different combinations, counting on a creative activity and imagination.

A fun way to which you hold your child exciting can be done with the whole family or with other kids. It can also organize contests and competitions for painting with watercolors.

Painting with ink stain technique

Another form of ingenious painting for kids it is the method of the ink stain. For this, we need the piece of paper, a sponge, a little water, blue and black ink, brush and pen.

Preschool painting ideas for for parents and teachers

Start with the piece of paper and we just soak well using the wet sponge. Then we choose a paint and begin to draw the outline of design  (a bear, a cat, a house) with a fine-tipped brush. You need to put the brush dipped in ink, and we get a large blue ink stain. Now, we wait to dry. Once the ink it is dried well, again you draw the outline drawing with black ink pen.

Painting with stamps

Through painting with stamps, you can find many models and types of stamps that you can do it with different materials, and we present four of them.

Stamps from blocks of polystyrene

We can make models from polystyrene used for insulation in construction work. By cutting polystyrene, we get a variety of interesting shapes. For example, like parallelepipeds, prisms, rounded bodies. These forms must have a base square, triangular or oval and use them by loading them with color and then stamping. The edges may appear lines. Painted on them in the desired colors, then print the sheet.

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

Eraser stamps

Erasers are an ideal material for making stamps. Thus, it can be done stamps with finer details. For example can be achieved stylized animals or plants, or geometric figures. To obtain the stamp, copying the desired pattern on gum and then carve profiles with a cutter. Painted on them in the desired colors, then print the sheet.

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

Potato stamps

To do this, use potatoes larger and fresh. Cut potato into two halves and on a half you make with a cutter or a knife your design.

Thus resulting in the stamp, apply with a brush tempera and stamped on the desired material (paper, cloth, tiles, cardboard). If a model you achieved with multiple colors (on the same potato), each element you will paint in the color required. Important is that before giving the potato color, to clean well.

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

Stamps from Cork

You can be made in different sizes decorative patterns, even from corks. It is necessary, that cork surface to be smooth. Cut with a cutter different profiles a depth of 3-5 mm depending on the desired pattern.

Use an ink pad for stamping, so you needs more pads with different colors. Cork stamps have more durability than the potato, which can you used only once. With the help of cork stamps, through repetition, alternation and symmetry can create new reasons that children develop spatial orientation.

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

Painting technique airflow

This form of art is very simple. For this, you need tempera colors, straw, and paper. Apply the desired color on the sheet
and is conducted with a straw so as to obtain various patterns.

Preschool painting ideas for parents and teachers

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