Salt in the kitchen – 8 interesting things

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8 Interesting things about salt in the kitchen.

Salt in the kitchen

Salt is cheap and available everywhere today, but it was not always so. In the past, its value was equivalent to that of gold, hence the name “white gold.”

Salt covers the need for sodium and iodine, maintains the health and well-being of the body. Also, enriches the taste of foods and preserves the food in the brine.

We will not insist on what is known because many issues need to reveal.

Salt has over 14,000 users, but surprisingly, less than 4% of the quantity produced annually gets into the food. It is the most important element in the chemical industry, also in the manufacture of glass, cosmetics, etc.

Salt in the kitchen

Salt in the kitchen

  1. The fire will burn more cheerfully if we sprinkle salt on it. Moreover, the flame often gets a very nice orange-yellow color when salt burning.
  2. Put in the oven, especially in the wood-fired oven, the salt will not cause the food to burn harder.
  3. Salt keeps the heat very well. A hot salt bag in cold weather can heat very well bed sheets.
  4. A mixture of salt and lemon juice we can consider an excellent rust treatment. With the mixture of salt and lemon juice, the rusty object will break. Usually, the rust disappears, and another instead of it will not appear very soon.
  5. An interesting thing – the eggs can be kept healthier longer if we buried in salt.
  6. How to check if the eggs are fresh? Dissolve 125 grams of salt in one liter of water. If we put into this water, the egg will fall to his butt, while an old egg rises to the surface of the water. The older the egg, the more it will rise to the surface.
  7. The jam will not become sugared if during the preparation we will put a teaspoon of water, in which we dissolved the lemon salt.
  8. Salt sea of high quality contains essential minerals for the body. And when we use salt sea it must we keep slightly wet.

Important! The recommended amount of salt per day for an adult should not exceed 3 grams.


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If you want to see more information about salt, you can see on Wikipedia

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