Kitchen Cleaning Tips Natural, Smart and Simple

Kitchen cleaning tips, natural smart, and easy, who improves your life

Often cleaning the kitchen can be a tiring job. That’s why we’re introducing a few simple, fast, and simple kitchen cleaning tricks.

kitchen cleaning tips

Cleaning the dishes in the kitchen

  • What is the best way to clean the dishes in which milk or yogurt was kept or served?  First wash with cold water and then, finally clean with hot water.
  • The vessel where it was treated will be washed differently from how the dishes are normally washed. Thus, first we will run traces of dough with a cold water and only after we have done the first cleaning will we use hot water.
  • In the same way, do the bowls or pots in which we kept the jam, fish or egg whites and egg yolks. This is done so that, under the action of hot water. These products coagulate, strengthen and thus are highly adherent to the walls of the vessel.
  • The dishes in which eggs are prepared or consumed is strongly rinse with cold water. Then washed, typically with a sponge and hot water.
  • The dishes can be washed very well if left for a few hours in a hot water solution with dish detergent and about 100 ml of apple vinegar. After such treatment, the dishes will rinse well with warm, clean water. Then wipe with a dry sponge.
  • Cleaning of the oxidized tableware is a difficult operation. For this operation we will follow the classical path, we will prepare a solution consisting of 6 parts water and one part ammonia. We will rub the cutlery with a cloth soaked in this solution.
  • The stains on kitchen plastic items (plates, saucers, cups, glasses, various tools) we can easily remove by rubbing them with a slightly moistened cloth soaked in sodium cleaning tips

Other smart and simple kitchen cleaning tips

  • Salt is especially damaging to silverware, but also to other silver items. Salt, especially the grungy one, will leave on silver some stains hard to remove.
  • Rust stains on knives we can bring to minutes, rubbing the knife into the stain with a piece of onion.
  • We can remove the stains on the dishes with lemon juice, thinned with warm water.
  • The brass dishes (mugs, pots, pots, pans) can make them look like us if we rub them with lemon peels and lemons after we have previously squeezed the lemon juice. For finishing, we will rub the walls of the brass vessels with a piece of velvet or a smooth rag.
  • Kitchen cleaning tips for the glassware. To look impeccable, we recommend to wash it with a solution of cold water mixed with salt (about 2-3 tablespoons of salt per liter of cold water).
  • If we do not have a wonderful detergent, we can clean the tile with a solution of chalk powder mixed with a few tablespoons of vinegar. In order to get maximum results to the end we will wipe the tile with a clean and damp cloth, then dry it with a clean and dry cloth.

How to clean meat an oil spills

  • When preparing steaks, we may usually have troubles with fat or oil spills that spread everywhere. To prevent this from happening, sprinkle some salt on the pan.
  • How we clean the chicken with black skin after the feathers have been removed and burned? We can  remove the unpleasant color by rubbing that skin with some cornflour.
  • For many people, cleaning fish is a big challenge. There are three solutions to ease this hard work. The simplest thing to do when cleaning the fish, is to dip your fingers in fine salt from time to time. The second recommendation is to let the fish in warm water for about 15 minutes. The third recommendation is to salt the fish before cleaning.
  • So useful in the kitchen, burned clay pots will keep their smell of soil if we wash them with a solution made of coffee and wine vinegar mixed in equal cleaning tips

Kitchen cleaning tips, how to clean vegetables

  • Pears compote can also act as a natural detergent in the kitchen. For example, if you prepare pears compote in an shiny pot, all the newer and older stains will disappear.
  • Green lettuce, spinach, garden sorrel or other plants with leaves we can was with salty water. By its action, salt will easily remove insects and other parasites from the leaves.
  • Dry or wilted vegetables should we rinse thoroughly with cold water. Then, to bring the vegetables back to life, let them rest for about 2 hours in cold water. After boil them in the water they soaked in.
  • Apples that we cut and especially grated ones become brownish immediately. For this reason, apples should cut, chop or grate them a few minutes before cooking.
  • Nuts also need to crush only before cooking. Because these contain oil which in contact with the air, gives them an unpleasant taste.
  • Fruit stains on your hands we ca easily remove if you wipe and swab your hands with a clean cloth moistened with ordinary vinegar.

Natural remedies for unpleasant smells in the kitchen

  • In order not to smell from slaughtered bird will disappear if we immersed in cold water. Then leave it to rest for about half an hour. It is recommended that the pot is covered.
  • How we can reduce or eliminate (with some luck), the hard smell of the dishwasher? For this we need to put to cooling in the cupboard (with closed doors), two cups of very hot milk.
  • The smell of food in the kitchen and the rest of the house can be annihilated by heating, for a few minutes, two tablespoons of sugar and one of cinnamon powder in a pot. After this composition melts, we leave the kettle uncovered in the kitchen or in the house.
  • The smell from coffee pot we can remove it in an ecological manner, if we boil in it the clean water in which we put a lemon rind.
  • How to disappear smell of garlic? If you have peeled garlic and do not like the smell on your hands, you can wipe your hands with a cloth or cotton wool soaked in lemon juice. A few minutes later you can wash your hands with warm water and cleaning tips

Kitchen cleaning tips. Natural insecticides in the kitchen

  • What organic insecticides can we use in the kitchen and in the pantry?
  • For example, beans, peas and other vegetables or dried grains will be stored in jars lubricated with brine or garlic without any problems.
  • One of the another kitchen cleaning tips to remove the pests of flour, pasta, dried legumes, rice. Put hot pepper, long on the heel inside.
  • Still naturally we can also defend from ants in the kitchen. Where they appear, we will put wormwood branches (they will disappear because they do not like the wormwood)
  • Washing the kitchen furniture and the cupboard with a strong mix, prepared by boiling the walnut leaves, will keep away any insect. Plus that other unseen small creatures living in the places where food is stored will be destroyed.
  • The dirt left by flies and other insects will be removed with a cloth or sponge soaked in medical alcohol. In this way we will eliminate not only dirt, but also microbes.


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