Small health tips for a long life

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Small health tips and proper way for healthy eating or daily wellness tips.

health tips

A small secret about eating healthy

Always is better to acquire healthy living habits. So, it is very to keep on every meal the balance. What means this? We have to inhibit our desire to “lick the plate.” Always have to leave something on the plate, because in time it will help us, not gain weight quickly.

Water on we eat?

Specialists recommend that during the meal, do not drink water. Why? The answer is simple, in the stomach, the water dilutes the gastric juices. Water, when we eat, disturbs the digestion process.

Are fruits better after or before the meal?

Naturalists strongly recommend eating fruit, but not anyway, with an empty stomach. Otherwise, the fruit consumed at the end of the meal generates general discomfort. This fruit is due to their fermentations in the digestive tract. You can use fruits and seeds like a pre-meals, or healthy snacks.

Also eating pre-meal fruit maintains and improves the health of the body and reduces obesity. Also, fruits contain amino acids, minerals, vitamins, glucose and fatty acids. This composite makes a fruit diet, at least once a week, perfectly healthy diet for the body. Some specialists recommend eating fruits and vegetables at least five times a day to getting healthy.

About cellulosic fibers

In cereals, fruits, and vegetables, we find cellulosic fibers, which protect us from a series of daily troubles. The most common are constipation and hemorrhoids.

Do you want healthy teeth?

Cheeses, green vegetables, low-fat milk, spinach, chocolate and even coffee contribute to keeping your teeth healthy. It protects them against caries and causes good reactions in the mouth.

Other health tips: lemon peel (but also orange), dry and crushed, use it instead of toothpaste. It has a role in maintaining hygiene mouth, but returns glow of teeth.

Can we replace the chewing gum?

Instead of chewing gum, you can use naturally cardamom seeds. They have a bitter taste that we can get used. But it smells very nice, refreshes breathing and tonify the entire body. We must mention here that these exotic seeds have medicinal virtues, including aphrodisiacs.

Health tips with sugar powder

Sugar powder works efficiently against ulceration. For this, buffer the ulcerations with a rag moistened with powdered sugar.

Healthy lifestyle – “green life.”

Eat as many fruits and vegetables, and you are closer to nature and indeed healthier. Surely this is the fist step for healthy living.

Use fresh green salad not only because of taste and succulence but because they contain important amounts of vitamin B and C. Green salads are indicated in accelerating digestion but not recommended in colitis.

An excellent culinary idea and also health tips are to put in green lettuce, chopped nuts. Such a salad has beneficial effects in enhancing the elasticity of the skin that will become much softer.

The human body needs enzymes, but you lost them if we boil the vegetables. That’s why raw fruits and vegetables are necessary for man to have a healthy living. They create balance and recreate physical and mental energies needed for the body.

Truth about hot pepper

health tips

Hot pepper is not an enemy for the human body. Studies conducted in recent years recommending it as a necessity.

I think many of you do not know that hot pepper contains vitamin C in a very significant amount.

Did you know… that vitamin C has been discovered not in lemon as you probably think. She was first found in peppers, the scientist in question taking the Nobel Prize.

Hot pepper also contains enzymes, vitamins A, B1, B2, as well as an extraordinary subtlety that makes it hot called capsaicin.

Hot pepper regulates digestion if we use in moderate amounts. In large quantities, it is purgatively guaranteed. The gargle with hot peppers strengthens and gives a new life to the vocal cords. It invigorates exhausted muscles of effort. Pepper is also a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. In lung disease, it acts as an expectorant, and in rheumatism, it reduces the suffering that is hard to support. Tincture of chili peppers cures alcoholism.

The exciting dill

Did you know that … the dill is considered one of the main weight loss agents. He is a potent diuretic, an effective digestive, a blood-optimizing factor. Interestingly, the dill also produces a relaxation of the body, having the effects of a sleeping pill.

As you know from this plant are used the leaves and seeds, and it is said about that “ventilating” entire body. You do not have to miss the food and raw salads. Excellent is if we use it in cheese creams.

Something about dairy

Blue-colored milk is less nutritious because it is diluted with water or has sour cream. Fresh milk is white in winter and slightly yellow in summer.

Although it is very tempting, milk can not be used instead of water to boil in it vegetables and fruits, because it has the appearance of cheese.

The average portion of a dairy  for one day for a person of medium weight and no health problems:

  • A glass of milk (225 ml),
  • A spoon full of cow’s cheese (about 25g)
  • A middle glass of yogurt (a 160g yogurt)

Don’t ignore the yogurt, especially if it is natural. It is an excellent dressing for the gastrointestinal tract, in particular for the stomach. Also, yogurt regulates all digestive activity, and it also works against dysentery and constipation. It contains unexpectedly many compounds: calcium, vitamins, sugars, fat, protein, iron.

Other tips

How to eat healthy? Modern life requires if you take a meal in the city, to be simple and efficient. It must usually include a light salad, a yogurt, meat or fish grill, a raw meal, mineral water. Doctors recommend us to eat varied, little and nutrition to be as close as possible to its natural state.

It is not recommended to serve meals when we are nervous or agitated. In this case, food is for the body as a kind of aggression.

From the dried orange peel, you can make teas. It favors digestion and strengthens the gastrointestinal system. Also, use orange peel as a flavoring for puddings or jams.

Small health tips with excellent foods: corn, beans dry and green, rice, lentils, millet, rye, soybeans, simple cheeses, fish.


All the materials and tips provided through should be seen as simple information and not as complete medical analysis and advice. Please read the Terms and conditions.

We inspire from Wikipedia  and Positive Health Wellness source

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