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Medical advice

Use2doit.com does not provide medical advice similar to what you can get from the physicians who will consult you in person. Use2doit.com does not intend to replace the specialist medical consultation. Users do not have to base their future actions on the tips provided by Use2doit.com because the medical diagnosis always requires the consultation of a specialist.

This website is trying to provide scientific information and professional but accessible to all users interested in their health. It is relevant to underline that the information presented on this site is of nature and in no way substitutes recommendations made by doctors who come into contact with the reality of your cases. The purpose of Use2doit.com this website is to provide you with general medical information. This site should be used only for the purpose of obtaining general information for the best understanding of your health.

All the materials and tips provided through Use2doit.com should be seen as simple information and not as complete medical analysis and advice. In all cases, we advise you to go to your family doctor if you are worried about your health.

The responses provided through the site are educational and informational only, and you can not consider in any way as being assimilated to specialist medical consultations or analyzes. Therefore, on our website, the medical information presented, you should not use as an alternative to a medical consultation made in the name of a specialist. Use2doit.com and all contributors whose advice you can obtain through this site can not be held responsible for any damage/loss of any kind.

Information about complementary, naturist therapies that can help the patient do not exclude or replace medical treatments but complements them. Use2doit.com is not responsible for incorrect or unsuccessful treatment. The information on the site and the related materials you use “as is” without warranties of any kind. Use2doit.com offers no warranty either expressly or implicitly, including but not limited to the operation of Use2doit.com, the information, content, materials or products on the site, and their suitability for a particular purpose. The users expressly agree that the use of this site and the application of the information is at your risk.

General Terms

If you want to use this site Use2doit.com you need to follow the Terms and Conditions. So, any person may visit, or access Use2doit.com need to accept this Terms and Conditions of Use2doit.com. Non-acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, or any provision thereof, entails the obligation of that person to cease access to the Site immediately, and accessing or further visiting the Site, any of its pages and any component thereof constitutes a Full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and any provision therein.

The content and graphic elements of the Site, including but not limited to, all text content and technical sources of all services and facilities present and future, unless it is expressly mentioned another owner. Also, sources pages as well as any other material, in any form and sent by the user (by direct visualization on site, newsletters, etc.) belong Use2doit.com and partners and represent the content of the site.

All elements of this Site, irrespective of where it is on the site and of any type, could be used exclusively for personal purposes. Any use of content by third parties for purposes other than personal use may be done only with the express, prior written consent of Use2doit.com. It is forbidden to copy, download, reproduce, publish, transmit, sell, partially, completely or alter the content of this site or any part thereof made for purposes other than personal use, with the following exceptions:

– It is allowed to reproduce (on non-commercial forums, sites, articles, press and so on.) small pieces of published articles (up to 500 characters). Specification of the source of the information taken is mandatory, with the link, in the following form: (Source: Your online self-education – Use2doit.com)

– Links to the Site are allowed, and the source of information will be specified after each link or at the end of the article, as follows: “Information delivered of Use2doit.com“.

Use2doit.com reserves the right to bring to court any person and entity that violates the above provisions in any way.

Anyone who delivers in any way information or material to the website assumes the obligation not to prejudice in any way the copyright that a third party may invoke in connection with the materials and information transmitted in any way to the site. People who ship in any way information or material understand and accept that the violation in any way of this obligation can not in any way engage Use2doit.com liability, but only the responsibility of those persons.

Use2doit.com can run at any time advertising campaigns and promotions in any section of the site. Campaigns and promotions conducted by Use2doit.com do not require the consent of visitors or users of the site. Spaces and size of advertising campaigns and promotions do not require the consent of visitors, and we can change at any time without requiring prior notice.

Use2doit.com assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from advertising campaigns or site promotions other than those strictly organized by Use2doit.com.

Limitation of liability

Use2doit.com does not assume the obligation and does not warrant by default or expressly for the content on the Site the content offered by its partners or the users of the Site. Use2doit.com will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure accuracy and trust in the Site and will attempt to correct errors and omissions as quickly as possible.

However, Use2doit.com is not responsible for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information provided by Users. Exclusively, Site Users agree to indemnify Use2doit.com for any judicial or extrajudicial action arising out of the incorrect or fraudulent use of the Site.

For force majeure, Use2doit.com and its operators, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and representatives, is entirely relieved of liability. In cases of force majeure include, but are not limited to, operating errors of Use2doit.com‘s technical equipment, lack of Internet connection, lack of phone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to Site systems, operating errors, and so on.

Users agree to protect and ensure Use2doit.com and its operators, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and representatives against and against any claims, actions, damages, losses, costs. Also, related to costs (including, without limitation, lawyers’ fees), expenses, judgments, decisions, fines, regularizations or other obligations resulting from or related to any other action of the User in connection with the use of the Use2doit.com service.

All the information presented on the site is provided without any warranty, express or implied, fit for a particular purpose or non-illegal purpose. The information submitted may include technical inaccuracies or typing errors. The information on this site we provide in good faith, from sources believed to be reliable. If any of the published articles or any other information falls under the copyright law, please contact us to take the necessary measures.

Changing Terms and Conditions

Use2doit.com has the right to amend at any time and in any way any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions in full, without prior notice and without being obliged to perform any other formality towards the users. Site users fully and unconditionally accept any change by only using or accessing any of the features offered by the website at any time after the operation of the modification, and the non-acceptance of any change would result in the User’s obligation to terminate the Site immediately.


The rights and obligations of the visitors of the site and Use2doit.com, provided by the Terms and Conditions, and also all legal effects created by the Terms and Conditions, shall be interpreted and governed by the mutual agreement. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions will be settled amicably.

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