tips about meat

Rules, Recipes, Tips About Meat. How To Cook The Meat?

Tips about meat. Rules about how to cook meat. Secret recipes from our ancestors

tips about meat

The meat was and still is one of the essential elements in our diet. It contains many vitamins, minerals, salts, enzymes. All these items have a significant role in the body and a healthy lifestyle. We will provide you some of the tips about meat and meat cooking.

Did you know?

Though delicious and preferred by everyone, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, however, have fewer nutrients than animal meats past the age of youth.

Obsolete meats, which have a particular smell, can be improved by putting them in hot water in which we quench a hard-burning wood charcoal

Tips about fish meat

The easiest fish to digest are pike, carp, hall, perch, trout, sea-gudgeon.

Delicious but hard to stomach, are the valuable fish, black caviar producers from sturgeon family.

The best part of the fish is the back but in the form of fillets and the other parts are good.

An essential requirement for fish is to be fresh. Clean the fish only on a wooden bottom or on a plank. Otherwise, we can injury with the scales.

How to check if the fish is fresh?

The old rules refer to the ears, eyes, and bellies. The simplest and safest way is to catch the fish by the dorsal swing, and if the fish does not bend, it means that the fish is fresh.

Tips about chicken meat

Avoid buying and preparing old bird meat. Such meat will never produce good results, no matter how much we boil it. Turkey meat is young when both meat and fat are white.

Also, we recommend that a bird should to not prepare as soon as we cut her. Leave an interval of about 15 hours after cutting.

A traditional steak recipe

By tradition, the bird we need to fry better if we prepare a special blend. We will make a combination of chopped bacon a piece of garlic smashed, chopped parsley (a few wires), salt, pepper, a spoon of vinegar wine and 4 tablespoons of oil. With this mixture, we grease and fry the bird. The taste will be great.

Tips about beef meat

Other tips about meat what we talk is about beef. So, that beef meat has very nutritious and does not affect health at all. The consistency of meat contains only a little gelatin, being dense and concentrated. As for the much-praised beef, it can be prepared steak, especially in the barbecue. Also for beef steaks in the blood, they are said to be the most nutritious foods.

How do we recognize the fresh beef meat?

We can eat fresh beef meat when it is glossy and has a reddish-purple color and the fat is yellowish. In the case of veal, the color of fresh meat must be white, and the fatty transparent.

tips about meat

How to cook beef?

Before to cook the meat, clean of fat, veins, skin. Then wash and cut as desired.

If we have a bigger piece of meat, cut it into categories. Thus, pieces of meat for roasting, for boiled meat, for chopping, and for beef stew.

The cuts of beef muscle used in the beefsteak cut it transversely in thick slices.
The pulp, chest, and tongue put them for preparing the boiled meat. That boiled meat will be better if the prepared meat piece we left them to rest for about 15-20 hours.

From the pulp, we can make minced meat, burgers, meatballs, various fillings, appetizers. Also, roast on the pan (or on the tray), beef stew, and the special beef brisket.

The good steak is prepared from the muscles, but also the ribs, are tasty, the meat in these areas being softer. In general, the meat between the bones is younger, so cooking prime rib is so valued by some consumers.

Tips about meat from others

And pork is nutritious, but it is quite difficult to bear for the body and can lead to illness if we consumed in excess.

Just like beef, the meat of ram must be shiny to have a reddish-purple color and yellowish fat. Consumption of ram has decreased, but it is a mistake, some specialists think. Roast steaks were once among the most popular dishes, although ram falls rather hard to the stomach.

The rabbit steak is very tasty when we prepare from the back of the rabbit. Of course, the other portions of the rabbit are also tasty, but the back is the first when it comes to the roast.

Did you know? about rabbit meat, deer, and wild boar that gives strength to the human body, especially to the men.


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