Tips about kitchen utensils and how we can maintain them

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How to keep your kitchen utensils. Useful tricks and tips in the kitchen.

kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils are part of the most important tools in our lives. Why do they say that? Because with kitchen tools we’re preparing and eating our food. Also, with their help, we manage to have a healthy life.

To have a healthy life, we have to handle the kitchen utensils. Sometimes it ‘s hard to clean and keep the kitchen utensils clean after use. Here are some tips that will help you clean, keep and keep clean.

Wooden kitchen utensils

Have we know that, for each of the preparations with a long production process we use one wooden spoon. As it is known, the wood easily borrows a smell or the other of the food what we cook.

If we do not use wooden spoons or cooking utensils for each preparation, then we risk mixing the smells and tastes of the foods. This smell or taste is often as unpleasant each time. For example, with the spoon used in the dough, we will not mix the mashed potatoes or cooked vegetables.

About pots is good to know

Also, milk, compotes, jams or marmalades, namely pots is better to have kept reserved, not to mix smells. So in the dough, compote or jam will not cook anything else.

kitchen utensils

How to get excellent pancakes

The pancake pan does not wash but wipes with a napkin or a dry cloth. Also in the pancake pan, do not fry the meat, do not make sauces or vegetables smudged. To make “artistic,” pancakes we will need a special pan kept for that.

How to get rid of the fish smell from cooking tools?

Fish dishes or fish cooking tools will have to enjoy special treatment. First, we will wipe them with a rag soaked in a little vinegar, then washed with hot water – just so the fish smell will disappear.

Conserve food in suitable containers

Jena heat-resistant glass vessels and cast iron pans keep food much better – preserves its taste and keeps it warmer for a long time.

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