How to treat fatigue? Causes and remedies of fatigue

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How to treat fatigue? How many times have you thought that the fatigue and exhaustion you feel are related to eating? What do we eat? How do we eat? When was I eating? There are essential questions about tiredness and eating.

treat fatigue

Fatigue is one of the great problems faced by people today. So how we treat fatigue and how to recognize symptoms of exhaustion?

Stress, service, family duties call you to the fullest, that’s why you feel extreme tiredness.

So, what causes fatigue? Fatigue is the sign of a very high energy consumption and is caused by multiple factors. The tiredness causes of this problem can be a healthy, well-chosen diet that will recharge your batteries.

Causes of fatigue and how we treat fatigue through healthy eating

Not once, even the young, active people complain that they get severe fatigue quickly. This tiredness happens especially when they get up in the tired morning, although they regularly observe sleep hours. Of course, the first thought is that it may be a disease.

Fortunately, it’s often just about some minor shortcomings in the food program. These gaps and behaviors we can remedy without much effort.

Specialists have been able to identify the causes of these daily issues, and they offer us some fatigue treatment.

treat fatigue

Fatigue after a night of restless sleep

Sometimes fatigue occurs after a night of sleeping discontinuous, tormented, sleeping, disturbed sleep, sometimes a neighbor with a waking state or a light nightmare. It seems like this type of fatigue occurs when you probably eat too much and too hard at night.

It is recommended to eat more at lunch and even take a snack in the afternoon, and in the evening eat lighter and less. Also, there may be a lack of calcium or vitamin D, and it is advised to consume some more fish.

Fatigue after a night of quiet sleep

Another type of fatigue occurs after a night of peaceful, deep sleep, so sleep is okay, and we remain intrigued.

Experts believe that you do not feed well enough, as your body lacks proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

So eat more and more consistently not only at lunch but also in the morning and evening. It seems that if you only feed on vegetables, fruits and leaves is not very good.

Fatigue after the meal

Sometimes fatigue occurs after each meal. At the moment you will calm down with the thought that you have to make yourself siesta and it is nothing special. It’s pretty much the way it is, but it also means you’re having trouble with digestion.

You may not follow the order of the dishes, eat very fast, drink water or juices that disturb the gastric juices or discontinue the meal, do other activities while you eat. For some such behavior has no influence, but for others yes, and here comes the physical (maybe psychic) fall as soon as they finish the meal.

Specialists recommend us to make a more rigorous meal program and if breakfast can be more consistent.

treat fatigueFatigue in the morning with dizziness

Maybe in the morning it will get tired, sometimes so bad that you have to support your surroundings. Generally, under such circumstances may be the blame and stress in which you live and work, but the sure cause is the decrease in blood sugar, the lack of something sweet.If we drink

If we drink our coffee or another compound like tea or milk sweetened, you will find that you will come back as if by magic. In fact, everyone is going to, a greater or lesser extent, that’s why coffee is so demanding. So sometimes the body suffers not only because of caffeine but also the lack of sugar.

Specialists believe you need a surplus of protein so, some meat, fish, eggs, even baked beans. In the morning you have to eat better – coffee will not provide fuel until noon!

Fatigue of the evening

It is harder to differentiate the evening fatigue, which we usually place on the excitement of the effort over the day.

Even so, you still need to improve your diet. So, from this reason, in the absence of protein, your eyes become blurred. The point is you do not have to go to bed immediately. You have to eat a little, but consistently, to drink something sweet and pleasant. After a period of relaxation or light activities in the household, you will sleep.

Indeed, you will need extra meat, eggs, fish, and foods that also have vitamins B complex. These will help you in assimilation and disassemble processes in the body, that is, you will work better.

Daily fatigue

Above all these regular drawbacks, stress can also occur from work, traveling, to and from work, even in the family.

Therefore the weekend must mean days of rest, relaxation, even culinary spoil and social.

Treat fatigue with healthy food

As we know, foods also contribute to reducing fatigue.

We can control fatigue also, by eating a diet based on vitamins B, C, and D, taking care to eat foods containing calcium, magnesium, and copper.

We have to attach great importance to nutrition, and we will find beneficial effects, and one thing is sure, fatigue will begin to disappear.

Treat fatigue with fruits

Citrus fruit – Among the fruits recommended for combating fatigue are citrus fruit. Lemons, mandarins, kiwis, pineapple, grapefruit and oranges have high vitamin C content. Without this essential element, the body feels a general fatigue. Thanks to vitamin C, iron absorption is much easier. Citruses also contain polyphenols, mice involved in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

treat fatigueDried fruits – Veritable energy source, easy to assimilate, dry fruits are great to get back after intense physical and mental effort. Unlike energizers or sweets, they contain the nutrients needed to have a healthy body. At the first sign of fatigue, a few dates accompanied by a glass of milk bring a substantial contribution to the body.

Nuts – With a high protein content, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, fiber and antioxidants, nuts are considered super-tonic foods. However, magnesium is the element that recommends them as ideal in the fight against overflow. It is important to consume magnesium daily because stress causes the elimination of this mineral through the urine.

Treat fatigue with vegetables

It is preferable to eat 2-3 fruits a day, depending on your preferences. Also, raw or used vegetables in soups or gaskets are excellent options for extra energy. Vegetables and fruits are recognized for their meaningful vitamin C and folic acid, both of which have an important role in the body’s recovery.

Green vegetables – spinach, lettuce, green lettuce, broccoli are green vegetables rich in folic acid, a vitamin that plays a role in red blood cell formation, so for better oxygen transport. Like iron, folic acid is an excellent vitamin to treat anemia.

Legumes – Soy, peas, red beans and lentil are rich sources of complex carbohydrates. They also contain valuable minerals to fight burnout such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Add one of these legumes to the daily menu for a few weeks and increase your vitality.

Should not forget about whole grains in treating fatigue

Many people neglect grains for fear of gaining weight. But they are a valuable energy source.

Due to the high carbohydrate content, the cereals provide “fuel” for the muscles and the brain. They are rich in thiamine, a vitamin (B1) that promotes the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.

Therefore, it counts on whole grain products that gradually release energy to the body.

Truth about meat in treating fatigue

Once a day we need to consume meat, eggs, and fish. Meat, eggs, and fish are essential and should we introduce into our daily diet. So build a healthy menu plan and do not forget to include meat, eggs, and fish every day.

Red meat – In general, many people choose meat products from poultry. Disqualification for red meat is likely to affect iron reserves and, implicitly, to lessen the fatigue. To replenish with this “anti-anemia” food, it is advisable to eat red meat (beef, sheep) or liver once a week.

treat fatigueWhere do we get calcium?

In the fatigue states, calcium is one of the most important factors. The easiest way to assimilate is by eating dairy products. Thus, milk, yogurt, cheese and other similar products bring a substantial intake of calcium in the body.

For the body to be able to fight against external pests such as viruses or bacteria, it must have a healthy immune system. The solution is to strengthen immune defense with the help of lactic bacteria. They we found in dairy products and assist the body fight off intentional evil intruders.

Treat fatigue with magnesium supplements

When you go through a more stressful period, you can rely on magnesium. A varied and balanced diet is enough to provide the necessary nutrients and minerals for the proper functioning of the body.

But in these times it would be excellent if you introduced a lot of foods rich in magnesium in the menu. So, like whole grains, oil fruits (nuts, peanuts, almonds). Also, spinach, buckwheat, dried vegetables (lentils, beans white, peas), black chocolate.

Other remedies to treat fatigue

Apart from eating, you can try other ways to treat fatigue. Some of these may be sleep, movement or exercise, alcohol, and exciting substances.

Sleep above all

First of all, you have to make sure you sleep enough hours a night and perform some physical movement. Lack of sleep, stress and a deficient body in vitamins and minerals are the main causes that the fatigue.

Ideally, it would be to fall asleep and wake up at the same time. But, if you have trouble falling asleep, observing a ritual before sleep will help you. For example, a warm bath or a cup of milk consumed before sleep can be helpful in this situation.

Physical movement – an extra energy

When you are tired, nothing can help you recover faster than practicing a sport.

It is crucial to remember that sport does not accentuate the state of exhaustion. Contrary, it helps us to remove fatigue, faster. It is an excellent remedy for sleep regulation and lifting morale.

Limit alcohol and other exciting substances that get tired

Many times we consume coffee, tea, juices especially those containing caffeine and alcohol. These substances, only make your body even worse.

So, the best advice for us is to avoid them when the fatigue is very intense.

You can read more about fatigue on Wikipedia


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